Anti-Vibration Table

The scope of the Anti-Vibes team is to research and develop new anti-vibration tables for the atomic force microscope that preforms better than the current table owned by the enterprise. The current table does not generate clean images in high traffic environments where the microscope is subjected to excessive vibration, and there is the possibility of this vibration causing damage to the microscope. This involves preliminary design, CAD modeling, material collection, fabrication and machining, and testing for both the current and new tables. The cost for table production should be significantly lower than other tables on the market, opening up marketing possibilities and possible revenue generation. For this reason, the team also is tasked with market research and business planning.

Current Table for the AFM

Above is the current table used by the enterprise. Attached to the right side is the mounting bracket for the XY Stage.

New table designed to reduce vibrations

This student designed table is still being tested for how well it reduces vibrations.