The details of Nanotech Innovations’ current projects are presented here.

New table designed to reduce vibrations

Anti-Vibration Table

The scope of the Anti-Vibes team is to research and develop new anti-vibration tables for the atomic force microscope that preforms better than the current table owned by the enterprise. The current table does not generate clean images in high traffic environments where the microscope is subjected to excessive vibration, and there is the possibility …

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Educational Outreach

The educational outreach team develops and maintains accurate, interesting, and meaningful presentations regarding nanotechnology and its uses, implications, and potential societal effects for high school and college students. Tailored to individual situations and group interests the educational outreach team presents at many venues including K-day, expos, engineering explorations, high school teachers and for high school …

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Educational Sample Kits

The Educational Sample Kits division of Nanotech Innovation is developing a variety of samples with micro to nano-scale features for inclusion in an educational sample kit. Such a sample kit would provide six samples from a variety of disciplines that could be imaged with atomic force and scanning tunneling microscopes, and each representing a cutting-edge …

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Nanotech Innovations has its own business, Naturally Graphite, which focuses on marketing and selling graphite crystals. Students meet the needs of researchers and teachers alike with a supply of various types of common to uncommon graphite crystals. Along with marketing this unique material, students involved in Naturally Graphite are responsible for the upkeep of this business, …

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Lego Mindstorms Scanning Probe Microscope

The students of Nanotech Innovations have designed and built a Scanning Probe Microscope completely out of LEGO™ parts. The microscope consists of three components: a flat surface on which LEGO™ bricks or other objects are placed, a tip equipped with sensors to read the surface, and a set of motors powered by a LEGO™ NXT …

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Scanning Tunneling Microscope

The scanning tunneling microscope (STM) team designs, develops, and constructs affordable STM products and educational materials. Our current project is the development of a low-cost STM scanner and control system. We want to make quality STMs widely accessible to high-school educators. An STM utilizes the quantum tunneling effect to produce highly magnified images of a …

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Teacher Workshop

The Teacher Workshop is an integral part of the Nanotechnology Enterprise’s efforts to educate people about nanotechnology. The main goal of this workshop is to educate high school teachers about nanotechnology and its applications so they can, in turn, educate their students. This two day workshop consists of an introductory presentation, a tour of labs …

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XY Translation

The XY Translation Team was formed to aid in the imaging of the NanosurfEasyScan 2 Atomic Force Microscope. The translation team’s main goal is to develop a low cost and highly accurate stage that will allow the user to maneuver the sample for better imaging. It is the team’s hope that this product can be …

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